Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm back, after a nasty bout with the flu, and now we're getting a blizzard *sigh*

As if ANY bout with the flu wouldn't be nasty. ;-) This was a particularly frustrating one, however, considering that it's the third time I've been sick this winter AND considering that I got sick while I was in Florida, visiting my niece (she got first), nephew (second), and sister (third). By Saturday night, I, too, was sick, and it was full-blown by Sunday. I like to watch the Super Bowl, even when the Patriots aren't playing (I am passionate when they are, of course; it was sad for them to have been eliminated by Denver, b/c I think they could have beaten Pittsburgh), and yet I was so sick that I spent nearly the entire game in bed. The next day, I barely managed to fly home, took a taxi (never do that), and got into bed, which is where I remained until yesterday, when I dragged myself to work for the first time in over a week. I worked 11-5, exhausting when you're recouping from the flu (and it wasn't a tough day at all), and then went home. On top of this, my car had died, and I had to wait for Triple A to come to jump start it.

The good news is that my car started today, so I guess I don't need a new battery. (I'm very relieved.) The bad news is that Boston is under a blizzard watch, and we are due to get hit, hard, tomorrow. Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal normally. I'd simply spend Sunday in bed with the paper and some juice, watch golf (I know, it's odd, vut I still love to) and maybe the Olypmpics, relax, etc. I even went to Trader Joe's yesterday to get some food in preparation. (That's a big deal for me, I'll admit.) The reason it IS a big deal is that my 10-minute play "Peanut Butter Sandwiches" is being presented at Theatre One's Slife of Life Festival in Middleboro, MA tomorrow, and it's unlikely I'll get there, since it's over an hour away. :-( Why don't they postpone it, you ask? Good question, I reply, and I've requested this, but the producer says they can't. This is obviously a huge bummer for everyone involved--all the actors, the directors, and the writers, but particularly Peg, the producer, b/c how many people will really show up if it's a blizzard? Only those in the immediate area--but I guess it just wouldn't be possible to get the actors together for another Sunday (though they've had three days of notice, so you'd think she could have managed this if she thought it was worthwhile or possible, and maybe it just isn't).

D. and her husband still hope to take the commuter rail out there, but I know, as I recover from the flu, that I won't be venturing anywhere in a true blizzard. A light snowstorm, maybe, but not a blizzard. Of course, the storm isn't even going to hit until after midnight--later than was originally expected--and will hit hard during the morning and afternoon hours. I am terribly disappointed. I've been looking forward to this since November, I've been in close touch with Peg, helped with some publicity, and now...nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. I won't get to meet Peg, won't get to see my play and others presented, won't get feedback, won't get to mingle with others and get their reaction, won't have FUN (and after a week in bed, fun is dearly needed), etc., etc. I helped Peg with publicity, and we got a nice blurb in the Boston Globe's Sidekick (very cool). I also got mentioned in the article in the Standard Times-- that's just so cool! But now, nothing. Will anyone even show up in a blizzard? Can the actors even get there, after all their hard work? And will I have another piece in any festival in the near future, especially one I can get to? These are all questions that have yet to be answered, but at least a couple of them can be answered by the word unlikely. :(

I feel as this winter has just been one letdown after the other, from being sick when my whole family was here for Thankgiving (it's just one big sniffle and cough in retrospect, honestly) to a lonely Christmas (though New Years Eve was fun) to a crappy January (so stressful), to going out to Florida and having everyone get sick, including me, to now. I had to beg out of plays I was supposed to usher for this week (one I now won't get to see, the other I will next week), had to cancel a Thesis Review I was supposed to participate in, cancelled therapy, cancelled EVERYTHING, and finally, FINALLY, I feel half-way normal, and...nope. No Slice of Life Festival for you. :( Now, listen, I realize that life could be a lot worse (knock on wood it isn't). My friend A. is back in Florida, where her father faces radiation and his longtime girlfriend is days away from death. The flu is not serious, just seriously awful, and I feel a lot better now (though I haven't worked out for a week, and that bothers me greatly, but I can't take a chance of a relapse, so I'll try to go on Monday). I am safe and warm in my apartment, my car DOES work, my co-workers were totally cool about me having to miss work (of course, half the office is sick, and no one wants to get infected), and I have movies to watch and books to read, plus a play to see today by the Zeitgeist (I need to get out and the snow isn't due to begin til mid-to-late evening). But I really, really wanted to go to this festival, and I just feel very sad about it.

If I had plays accepted every day (week, month, whatever), it wouldn't be such a big deal, but that's not at all the case (in fact, no one has said yes to anything since Peg, with the exception of Poco Loco Players, who probably won't be taking on my short play as a finalist). This WAS/IS a big deal to me, and so I'm sad. With luck, I'll have lots more plays accepted in the future--God knows, I'm sending enough of them out--and thus each one will be less important in and of itself. But for now, each festival is an extreme victory, and I wanted to enjoy the spoils. Who knows? Maybe the storm will track slightly differently and I will be able to get out there. It's possible (if HIGHLY unlikely). Right now, it's sunny out and hard to believe the blizzard is afoot (but it certainly is). All I can do is wait and see, and be happy that I feel so much better (not 100 percent, but much better) than I did a week ago (longest.week.ever). A one-bed apartment feels like a closet when you're stuck in it for five days (a trip to CVS on Wednesday was like braving Mt. Kilimanjaro). I was so happy I went to work yesterday, where I could talk to people and could stand up without falling over (barely, but still). Being sick does give you perspective on how much better it feels to be well, and busy, and amongst the living and active, and I'm grateful that I typically am able to be one of those living and active people (sometimes too active, but not too often). And so I can feel badly about tomorrow, and I do, but I have to keep it in perspective (since I'm not the only one affected, not by a long shot), and accept it, and just keep on trecking. And I will. But I don't know why the storm couldn't have been one day later, or one day earlier...and I can curse winter weather, and I shall, rising my fist in outrage.