Thursday, December 20, 2007

Good news! :)

Well, finally, I have good news to report re: a play being accepted. My 10-minute play, ONE LAST FIGHT (the one about the father/son's conflict) has been accepted by Summer Golden for a production of favorite one-act plays at the North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe in Dan Diego! The play was originally not accepted for their festival. However, it was b/c they couldn't find a director for it, and Summer and her co-hort Jeff Bushnell liked the play so much that they are including it in their three week production in February. Isn't that cool? I think so, anyway. :) I had hoped some theatre would like it (I know friends who do), and now it will be produced. I wish I could go to San Diego to watch it, but unlike Debbie, I do not have the funds to travel across the country to watch my plays being performed, although I would desperately like to! San Diego is one of those cities I have always wanted to see, but I just don't have the money to spend paying for a flight, hotel or b&b, and transportation. Sigh. But I feel excited nonetheless, and I submitted it to the Provincetown Spring Play Festival 2008, in hopes that they, too, will like it (they workshop the six plays chosen as well; I know, major long shot), and I wrote a brief cover letter that mentions the San Diego decision. I would love to meet Summer and Jeff, but I guess it's not too be. Alas.

As far as this week's class, we didn't talk TOO much about internal conflict (we are all getting sick of the term, including Ken, perhaps). The first play was too odd (I couldn't really get into it b/c, frankly, it was pretty boring) and the second play was interesting but very confusing (sort of in its own world), so we just tried to figure it out and not worry about other issues other than deciding if the world worked (not yet, we decided, not consistently so). Thus the class ended, with the exception of one final class on January 7, where we break into small groups and discuss our final drafts, with one more week to tweak before emailing Ken. Unfortunately, he also wants rewrites of other assignments. He talked about this being a complete portfolio. I understand that, but I would rather spend the time on the actual project, the 10-minute play, and not on work that was submitted at the time it was assigned. We had a 10-minute play then that I would rather not work on (I'll just tweak it a bit, I guess), and a monologue that has nothing to do with the actual play I submitted (so I guess a new monologue is in order; perhaps it will be interesting to write). And there is one final, short piece that I plan to look at and pretty much leave as is. And thus ends the class.

I won't go into my feelings about the class, except to say that I disagree with trying to understand plays at the time they are presented (I really need a week to understand it and formulate questions) and really would have liked comments, both from Ken and from the other classmates, the way a typical workshop works (I don't understand why Ken didn't conduct it this way). I hope he would consider changing it in the future, and I am not the only one who feels this way.

I also made a friend, Sarah, through the class (we would discuss relevant points in the cold after class, and decided that meeting for an actual discussion over a meal would be nice) and we will hopefully meet next week, since we both have time off (I am going to work half-days, around physical therapy). I hate to jinx myself, but my back is *starting* to feel a bit better, and I hope very much to return to working out on the elliptical machine (beginning at level 1, so no worries, for a half hour) after the first of the year (hurrah!!!!!!!!!!). I also plan to see Stephanie and the nieces on Sunday and Monday, when Laural and her kids come in (that will be short, but at least I will see them again in February, when I visit with my parents and Laural for a week). I need nice weather desperately, b/c it is snowing--AGAIN--and we are about at nine inches, give or take, with snow over ice over snow. Delightful. Joe the landlord has promised to have someone plow me out for Sunday, so at least I can get to Longmeadow. And then I can spend Christmas with the Karens and T.J., which will be fun. I am not planning New Year's Eve and Day yet; too far away.

And that's about it. Work is somewhat slow, which is nice, and will pick up soon. In the meantime, I drink caffeine to counteract the medicine for my back (very sedating), look forward to reading and watching the four (!) DVDs I have from NetFlix, and doing some work on my writing for class. And that's it for now. Yay, San Diego. Thank you for FINALLY taking one of my plays. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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